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Women Perfume-Parfum

Women perfume depicts an ideal image of your personality. Females need delicate, elegant, attractive and a crowd pulling fragrances to inspire their fantasies. Famous brands always use additional floral and fruit extracts while making perfume for women to make appealing and alluring kind of parfums. The parfums used by a female tells about her behavior and manners concerning her likes and dislikes. Perfume Mall provides you a wide range of branded and designer women fragrances on discount and affordable wholesale rates with special deals, sales and limited time offers.

Women parfums are made with different perfume families

  • Floral perfume made of different flowers contain bouquet of flowers like rose, lilac, and jasmine are considered best for efficient and professional women because flowers give smart and cheerful feeling in days and nights. Usually nights are preferred for strong floral extract parfums and daytime with light notes of perfume.
  • Parfums made with citrus fruits or other fruity extracts is made for the women having bold and social type of attitude.
  • Energized and fun loving women mostly prefer strong spicy parfums or floral mix fruit extracts. Floral extracts present a cool and fresh touch in summers. It can also be a warm office wear in winters.
  • Water and green fragrances made by cut grass, fresh leaves, rainstorms and redolent of ocean breeze are ideal for office going women
  • Women perfume fragrances made by sandal, musk, dry or classy woods, smoky, pine, patchouli, mossy and leathery notes are perfect for generating feeling of gripping, mysteriousness, and luxury. Musk, sandalwood and woody extract cologne gives a warm and cozy feeling after sunset.

Parfums make you feel energetic, youthful, joyous and delightful but your perfume should have characteristics that go well with your personality. You can see the details of ingredients before buying the parfums from Perfume Mall. You can make your personality exclusive, unique and wonderful after wearing an accurate women perfume.