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Perfume- Fragrance-Cologne-Scent Ingredients

Perfume, cologne and scent is the essential need of today but you should be very choosy while selecting the perfumes. You should check the ingredients used in the preparation of the specific perfume to pick the long lasting fragrance. You can select the best one even on cheap rates from the wide range of branded and designers’ perfumes for men and women available at Perfume Mall.

Every perfume has 20-40% fragrance compounds and on the basis of these compounds, we divide perfume into three types i.e.:

  • Eau de parfum contains 10-30% fragrant compounds
  • Eau de Toilette contains 5-20% fragrant compounds
  • Eau de cologne contains 2-3% fragrant compounds

Perfume specialists divide the aroma of perfume, scent and cologne into different fragrance families include

  • Floral family contain the extracts of roses, jasmine, lilac, chamomile, lavender etc
  • Aquatic fragrance contains the extracts of rainstorms and redolent of ocean breeze.
  • Green cologne contains the extracts of cut grass and fresh leaves
  • Chypre perfume contain the oak moss, labdanum, patchouli, and bergamot.
  • Spicy perfume contains the extracts of ginger, cloves, nutmeg etc.
  • Oriental fragrance contains the mixture of extracts of vanilla, flowers, and woods with perfume oils.
  • Fruity and citrus fruity perfumes contain the extracts of apple, kiwi, strawberry, melon etc and citrus fruits include pomegranate, tangerine, lemon, grape fruit, lime, orange and other nice fragrant fruits.
  • Woody or leather cologne contains the extracts of mosses, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, wood tar, patchouli, oat, dry woods etc.

Every perfume, cologne is divided into three notes and the notes are made with the mixture of or specific fragrance families:

  • Top note is the first and sharp note you smell just after applying the fragrance
  • Middle note can be smelled after one hour of the application. It is also called centre note or the heart note.
  • Base note is the basic note and can be smelled after 30 minutes. It is the main and strongest note.

Perfume oils are used to absorb the perfume in your skin. Perfumes, cologne and scents containing lot of oils are the best and long lasting fragrances.

  • Absolute oil: it is an oily liquid
  • Concrete oil: thick oily liquid
  • Essential oil: an oily liquid extracted through distillation.
  • Pomade oil: solid fat of fragrance mass
  • Tincture oil: thin liquid used in perfumes.

Synthetic or natural resources are used in the preparation of perfume, scent and cologne fragrance include

  • Plant resources : Flowers and blossoms, leaves, twigs, roots, bulbs, seeds, fruits, woods, bark, rhizomes and resins.
  • Animal resources: o Musk (extract from musk deer but now replaced by artificial musks due to ethical and legal issues), honeycomb of honey bee, Ambergris (substance produces in a specific type of whale), civet (mongoose family) and castoreum (North American Beaver).
  • Synthetic resources: o Linalool is a naturally occurring alcoholic chemical and a mixture of floral spicy fragrance scent, Calone is a fragrant substance that has a strong “sea breeze-note with floral touches, Salicylates is a chemical compound and Coumarin sweet scented chemical compound.