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Best Perfume Application Tips

Perfume application is the art of making your fragrance long lasting with its original contents. Perfume Mall is an online perfume shopping mall consists of a wide range of best perfume brands on discount rates. Perfumes give you a fresh look and a warm relaxing feeling during a hectic day or at night. Perfume Mall suggests some special and best perfume application tips to make your fragrances long lasting.

You will feel a noticeable difference after apply our tips:

  • Perfume application should be done with open pores of the skin after bath to settle down it completely on your body.
  • Best perfumes contain natural oils to make your fragrance adjustable on your skin for long. So moisturize your skin before using any kind of perfume. The moisturizer should be fragrance free.
  • Fragrances are reactive with heat so your perfume application should be done at your pulse points like back of knees, wrist, base of the throat, elbow folds and back neck.
  • Your perfume application should not be limited. Spray it from head to toe and even at the ankles to rise and spread the fragrance.
  • A light spray on your hair can make the fragrance last for whole day.
  • You can spray the perfume in the air and walk into it to diffuse it over your whole body. The fog of your best perfume will increase and balance the level of fragrance.
  • Other important tips of perfume application are to layer your fragrances and select the perfume made with the natural ingredients and oils. Use some body lotion then apply deodorant and then spray perfume for its layering. Always try to use natural aroma for lasting effects so try to pick fragrances with natural oils without chemicals. Tips of blending your fragrances with your skin types are complicated but it keeps your fragrance fresh for whole day and night.

These are the most effective, best and reliable perfume application tips that adjust the fragrance for a long time on your body. You can choose any perfume from a wide range of the fresh stock of Perfume Mall. We offer you top branded and designer perfume fragrances on wholesale rates with special deals, gift hampers and limited time offers.