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Winter Perfume Shop

Perfume for winter always has a warm and exotic effect. You should have a keen sense of purchasing fragrance items for different seasons to increase the charm of the specific season. Perfume Mall is an online perfume shop which offers best brands of seasonal and occasional perfume on wholesale rates with special deals, sales, gift hampers and limited time offers for winter, summer, spring and autumn and different occasions.

After a detailed research on the negative and positive aspects of using fragrance in winter season our online shop suggests your perfume for winter and provides you some essential tips for the selection and application of the perfume in winter:

  • Select the perfume made with synthetic processes and heavy and intense notes. Musky, woody and spicy perfume will create a warm feeling. Musk creates romantic and smoggy mystery. Woody fragrances will give you calm and cozy warm effect. Spicy perfume gives you chilled, energetic and cherished impression during foggy and hazy days of winter. Strong floral, fruity and citrus notes will also create the warm effect.
  • Winter is a dull and dry season. Skin loses its natural oils. When you are going to shop for purchasing a perfume in winter, try to pick the perfume with extra addition of oils and moisturize your body before using your fragrance. Moisturizers will settle down with your skin and will help your fragrance to last on your skin for long.
  • People wear heavier clothes in winter. Heavy layers of outfits wrap your fragrance that is why you need strong perfume in winter.
  • Your body’s “warm-spots” provide heat to your body when it becomes cold. These spots preserve heat. If you apply your fragrance on these warm spots, they will preserve your fragrance as well for a whole day.
  • In addition, spray your perfume on your warm spots in hot and humid environment in winter season. Your perfume will last on your skin for a long time.

Perfume Mall is online shop offers all brands and designers of men and women which include Dona karan, Angel, Escada, Versace, Issey Miyake, Armani and all the top brands on sale prices for winter seasons.