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How to Chose Perfume Fragrances

Perfume is the reflection of your personality and you should be very choosy while selecting right perfume fragrances. Pick the right fragrances that go well with your personality is a real complicated job. Perfume Mall is a renowned mall where you can find and purchase all perfume brands and designers (including issey miyake, American crew, Angel, Ghost, Givenchy, Donna Karan, D&G, Gucci, Halston, Nina Ricci and all the top brands) for men and women on discount rates. We don’t only sale but also give you suggestions for choosing right perfume fragrances of the specific brands and designers. Buyers mostly follow trends and fashions without judging the important aspects of personality and moods of the occasions with climate. You can also be the Trend Setter by selecting right perfume for your personality or as a gift for other fellow.

Our perfume specialists suggest the following tips:

  • Take the look on the climate of the area in which you will use the perfume. Summers demand light perfume fragrances and strong ones are needed for winters.
  • See the time of using the perfume i.e. whether you want to wear it for whole day or for the night outs. Select the perfume fragrances with light notes for the day and heavy notes perfume for the night.
  • Make the imagination of your personality in your mind. If the imagination makes some enthusiastic person then pick the perfume with strong fragrance and if it is of some moderate person then select the soft smelled perfume.
  • Now from the selected range, see the different flavors of the fragrance family. The flavors should be selected according to the demand of the occasion. You can select floral and fruity fragrances for day time. Musky, woody, cedar, citrus and spicy fragrances are selected for nights and eves. Green and fresh water fragrances can also be selected in strong or light notes.
  • Perfumes need time to settle down on your skin with its all three notes so never make the decision just after the spray. Give it the time to merge with your skin oils for perfect fragrance you want.
  • Check the ingredients of the perfume before buying it and select the fragrances with natural oils.

Perfume Mall guides you to pick a best fragrance on discount rates with special offers, sales and deals on best discount price. You can search within our site by keeping in mind the above mentioned tips of choosing right perfume fragrances.