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Men Perfume, Fragrances & Colognes

Men perfume portrays his personality and moods. Unintentionally, people create an impact of ones character by smelling his fragrances. So the colognes should be selected according to the body language, moods and personality of the user. You can try and notice the change by selecting a perfume from a wide range of men fragrances available at Perfume Mall. Perfume Mall is a biggest online shop offers occasional and seasonal colognes with special offers, deals and gift hampers and guides you to select right fragrances that go well with your personality.

Perfume mall offers you a wide range of men fragrances on wholesale rates.

  • Strong Fresh fruity extracts of strawberry, apple, kiwi, melon etc), green colognes of cut grass and fresh leaves and spicy fragrances are made for joyful and social men.
  • Crispy citrus fragrances (include lime, lemon, orange, mandarin, grape fruit, tangerine) and water colognes made with the redolent of ocean breezes and rainstorms) are ideal for sporty, energetic and outgoing men. Blend of citrus and water extracts are used for serious, quiet, romantic, peaceful and calm men. Chypre perfume creates a sophisticated impact.
  • Liberal men prefer chilly and spicy ones whereas traditional men prefer the touches of classy woods, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli etc.
  • Men do not like floral extracts but some designers and perfume brands have blended the floral extracts with woody and water colognes to create flowery sensations liked by men.
  • Fragrances made with dry woods, pine, musk, tobacco and cedar create a warm alluring feeling and made for the bossy natured, confident and short tempered men. These colognes evoke the mysterious and luxurious feeling.
  • Strong perfume should be used at nights and cold days to create cozy and hot environment. Light colognes are used in offices, daytime and during the hot days of summers.

We offer you top branded and designer colognes on wholesale rates include DKNY, Rochas, Angle, Ghost, American Crew, Gucci, D&G, Issey Miyake, Givenchy and all the top of the list branded men perfume fragrances.