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Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy Skin Care For Women By Pond's

50ml Skin Care


Pond’s Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy for eye skin care is really an astonishing and miraculous product for treating age sign, fine lines and wrinkles . Age signs commonly appear around eyes first. Lack of moisture and collagen production with increasing age results in fine lines and wrinkles a round eye area. Pond’s dual eye therapy has both white and pink color creams in one pack to moisten both upper and lower eye portion. The pink eye cream is to nourish and moisten the upper eye portion and white cream with chamomile extracts to rejuvenate and revitalizes the lower eye portion. The upper portion creams helps to reduce and repairs crow’s-feet, age signs and winkles while lower eye cream fades the dark circles the puffiness of eyes. Apply twice a day on cleansed skin to get wrinkle free charming, fresh and spotless eyes.

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