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Be Delicious Perfume Gift set For Women By DKNY

3.4oz ,3.4oz,0.24oz Gift set



Be Delicious Perfume Gift Set for Women by DKNY (Donna Karan) is modern gorge for delicate womanly sense. Its fragrance of apples and exotic flowers is difficult to resist. Be delicious perfume is radiance, dazzling and inspirational. It is a mixture of apple extracts that are being used for the first time in perfumery. This fragrance is blend of delicate flowers, topped with creamy caramel and vanilla, giving a refreshing effect all over. It’s the cedar and sandalwood stand out with the strong assistance of the geranium and the jasmine. This Perfume gift set have 3.4oz EDP Spray, 3.4oz Body Lotion, 0.24oz EDP Mini spray, Silver Glitter Cosmetics Case .

Top Note:  Fruity Heart Note:   Floral  Base Note:  Woody or leather

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